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A personal signature in what we do

My name is Felipe.  My journey began in 2011 when I left my home country of Chile. I followed my heart in search of adventure and my path in life.  I travelled throughout Europe for six months.  But no luck.  I wound up in South Korea.  But no luck there either.  Eventually I found my way to China where I arrived with no more than 158 dollars in my pocket.  But I had hope.


I spent a few years working in sales for other companies before I decided to go it alone.  Felipe’s Importadores was founded in 2016 to help people trying to navigate China’s comprehensive manufacturing network, working countless hours from my home office.  The first year was tough, but fortunately I did not give up.


Now, we’ve grown from one employee to five, relocated from home to a commercial office, and expanded our operation from one company to a global mini-network of Felipe’s with offices in Chile, Brazil, South Korea, and Spain.  We plan to open even more in the coming years, but we’re taking it step-by-step.  This notable achievement was possible only thanks to all the customers and partners who have trusted us and continue to do so.  We appreciate your loyalty very much.


So why is it called Felipe’s?  Well, besides obviously being the lead star in our story, people know how passionate I am when I do something, and that passion is what fuels my fire.  Attention-to-detail, care, respect, dedication; these are my values, and gladly my team is following suit.


We pride ourselves on serving people and making them happy.



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