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"Hello friends, my name is Cristian Quintana Reyes, I am from Chile and I want to share my experience with the company FELIPE'S IMPORTADORES.
I need to tell you that I have been working together with FELIPE and his team for 3 and a half years, where it started a while ago with a small import by air, this first import was not more than USD 200, I was guided from the purchase of the product to its arrival in Chile, Felipe took care of buying the requested product, quality control, see the best price, etc. With this very small importation my business was born and it gave me the starting point to get to what it is now. Currently we work importing over USD 7000 via Sea, where I get the same customer service that I got from the beginning, in addition I would like to highlight to CAROLINA who is in charge in Chile of the arrival of the merchandise of each client, where she sees the paperwork, coordinates procedures and deliveries when it's requested; so that you are importing reaches you seamlessly and problem's free.
To start a business or entrepreneurship, here you will find the right company, for its concern, dedication and above all TRANSPARENCY AND RESPONSIBILITY.
Greetings to all and thank you Felipe for his friendship and responsibility in everything."

Cristian Quintana Reyes

Owner at, Ventapescadores

"Our experience with Felipe’s importadores has been wonderful. Thanks to them we have been able to grow and practically not need to worry about the entire import process, thanks to their constant support and always quick responses, which allows us to concentrate on what we must do: sell. The fact that they look for different factories, until they reach the best price / quality so that later it ends up in your warehouse in Chile, all that management is priceless. Happy to work with Felipe’s importadores, his way of working which has helped us grow. It is the most practical system when importing." :)

Nathaly Calderon

Owner at, Cada Cosa en Su Lugar

"My name is Romanett Soto Carvajal of Chilean nationality, my experience with the company Felipes' has been very good, it has brought benefits to my life since I was able to grow as an entrepreneur, strengthening my undertaking by bringing innovative products to the Chilean market, which this made new customers come to my company. I recommend Felipes' company for its responsibility, commitment and good treatment. "

ROMANETT Presentation.jpg
Romanett Soto

Owner at importadora Romanett

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