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Contact Person: Felipe Arancibia Saez
Phone: +86 150 9991 6702
Address: Room 2301, 23/F., Bayfield Building, 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Felipe's Importadores Limited

Felipe Importadores Limited is a Hong Kong-based company started in 2016 as a solution for many buyers around the globe trying to find suppliers in China.

We have open branches in different countries in order to consistently offer the best service and keep it simple.

"Life doesn't need to be complicated. Bussiness shouldn't be either."

​— Felipe, founder

Felipe's Importadores Chile S.p.A.

Felipe's Importadores Chile S.p.A. work for and provides every customer with the same level of service; it does not matters their size. We also started from nothing, and we believe that nothing is impossible to achieve if you want it enough. We know it, we feel it, and we believe it.

“If you do not climb the mountain, you’ll never could enjoy the landscape view.”

― Pablo Neruda

Contact Person: Carolina Arancibia Saez
Phone: +56 ​9 7935 0559
Address: Las Camelias, Calle Los Gladiolos #1699. San Felipe. V Region. Chile.
Contact Person: Felipe Arancibia Saez
Phone: +86 150 9991 6702
Address: 216-219, Building A, Phase III, Jiewei  Industrial City, Shangmugu Community, Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Shenzhen Felipe Trade Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Felipe Import and Export Co., Ltd. began in 2017 out of the same necessity to find good commercial relationships between customers and suppliers. In 2020, the company changed to Shenzhen Felipe Trade Co., Ltd. We work both channels; in and out of the Chinese market.

We provide to small and large customers the chance to grow in the simplest way.  We will take care of you.



Felipe's Importadores España

Felipe's Importadores España was created together with one of the oldest customers of Felipe's Importadores Limited.  His hard work, enthusiasm, and great energy assist anyone who needs to be helped.


Felipe's Importadores España aims to break the myth of "Made in China", to show that great quality products can be found and produced in China.

“Walker, there is no path, you make it as you walk.”

​—Antonio Machado

Contact Person: Antonio Maldonado
Phone: +34 6 3579 6874
Office's Address: Calle Mitjana 1, Local 4. Malaga - España
Warehouse's Address: Calle Canada 40. Malaga - España
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